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Home ownership is the best available engine to build wealth and security. It is a lifelong strategy that, when planned and executed responsibly, can help fund the future.  Home ownership can build a life that leaves a valuable asset for heirs.  It is more than an investment; it is where life will be lived. It is a part of each homeowner’s story.

This is the idea that guided David Sparling into real estate and it is what drives him to achieve positive results for his clients.  He leverages the tools and the technology available to serve his clients and his community.  He is a source of opportunity and security to those he serves.  David believes that he is called to be a close confidant and trusted friend and he treasures the faith his clients place in him.

David was raised in Dallas and loves the city that he believes has great personality and diversity.  Each neighborhood is unique and each is able to offer something special to his clients.

His business strategy is to build relationships.  He is honored to introduce clients to the city that he loves and help them develop their personalized real estate plan.  He is available for all real estate needs and enjoys helping clients find their perfect spot.

David lives in East Dallas with his wife and two young children.  He serves the greater Dallas area from his office in Lakewood.

David Sparling

  • Real Estate Professional
6301 Gaston Avenue
P170 Dallas, Texas 75214 United States